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Banner Blindness: Old and New Findings

On febrero 4, 2013, Posted by , In Jakob Nielsen,UI Design,Usabilidad, With Comentarios desactivados

Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox: August 20, 2007 Summary: Users rarely look at display advertisements on websites. Of the 4 design elements that do attract a few ad fixations, one is unethical and reduces the value of advertising networks. I’ve been reluctant to discuss one of the findings from our eyetracking research…

You look where they look

On febrero 4, 2013, Posted by , In UI Design, With Comentarios desactivados

People look at other people’s faces. In this video I showed that even my 11 month old son, Benjamin James Breeze, looks straight at faces shown to him in Facebook! It is habitual.Did you know that the images of faces that capture people’s attention can be used to guide people…